North Shore, Rum Cay Bahamas

Rum Cay is a beautiful, quiet Island, like nothing else in the Bahamas.  Visiting there is like going back in time.  The locals live in a quiet, small community, and the streets are free from noise and traffic.  The rest of the Island is totally uninhabited, leaving acres of unexplored land and deserted beaches.  

Development is coming to Rum Cay, but is going to be controlled and organized.  Several major developers from Europe and the United States are developing large tracks of land into specialized communities.  

WEB pages for current developments can be found here.


While real estate transactions in the US are commonly done through attorneys, realtors, and title insurance companies, this process is just recently becoming the norm in the Bahamas.   A contributor has been kind enough to provide the following information:  

Most Americans are not aware that Bahamas land laws are somewhat different than in the United States and the engagement of local independent Bahamian legal council is recommended for all purchasers.  There is a tenant in the Bahamas law which requires the Purchaser to ascertain the Title being supplied by the Seller to be sound in the judgment of the Purchaser.  A Buyer has to establish the veracity of the Title being supplied by the Seller, not the Seller transferring good Title as is required in the United States.  This is totally a Buyer beware, caveat emptor situation.  Thus the Purchaser's need for independent Bahamian legal council to give an opinion of Title.

International Data Management (IDM) has a very good article about purchasing land in the Bahamas on their web site.  This is a good location to refer purchasers for research information and for an overview of Bahamas land law.  This is only an informative primer and local independent Bahamian council should still be retained.  I am recommending law firms which are not associated or referred by the Seller. The use of this procedure would go a long way to stopping land Title fraud in the Bahamas. Legitimate Sellers and Purchasers of Bahamas property benefit when Purchasers receive good Title.

North Shore, Rum Cay

If. you have any questions on title, be sure to contact a local attorney.  You may also choose to use a Title Company that specializes in Bahamian property such as International Data Management, an agent for  First American Title Insurance Company.  Their FAQ page is a good place to start.

IDM has an excellent document detailing the legal specifics of purchasing real estate in the Bahamas that can be downloaded.  

If you want more information on investing in the Bahamas, try this web site: Investment Incentives in The Bahamas, and check out their real estate page.

For Questions and Answers about purchasing land, building, and living in the Bahamas, try Billy Davis's Q and A page

Look at Bahamas B2B Web page for a listing of Realtors in the Bahamas, or look at For sale by owner. 

H G Christie Real Estate  has many listings in the Out Islands including Rum Cay. Also Island Living Real Estate.

Paradise Real Estate will be specializing in Rum Cay Property.  Talk to Craig Pinder.













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